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This website has been set up in order to help a woman in the local community. As the title suggests her name is Julie, and since June 2nd 1994 she until March 2009 has been the victim of an abusive husband and her children subject to an abusive and thoughtless step-father. All we are asking is that your take a little timeto donate just £1 through your paypal account in order to help Julie restore what she can of her life. You can donate more, however, all we ask is just £1.

We dont expect youto donate your hard earned money without reading what has happend to Julie and her 3 children over those 14 years. So please read her heartfelt story below, and follow the links to the stories of her three children, and hear the gruelling life that they were subjected to.

The Stories

Julie's Story

April 11th 2012
Julie is currently updating her story. Please pop back soon to see the latest news

Andrew's Story

April 11th 2012
From the beginning, even when I was very young, about 3 or 4, I can always remember a sense of unease why my new step-father arrived on the scene. My biological father has walked out on us the year before and had left my mother financially stricken. My earliest memory of my first house was hiding behind the kitchen counter as loud knocks came from the front door.They were, what i can only spceulate now, bailiffs or debt collectors seeking the payments that my mother had fallen behind on.

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Michael's Story

April 11th 2012
Michael is currently updating his story. Please pop back to see the latest news.

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